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What To Do If Your Domestic Animal Is Causing Allergies?
By Mitamins Team
If you are an average compassionate person, it’s more likely than not that your home will be replete with a cat, dog or otherwise friendly and furry household companion. Named something cute, and stationed in the basket in the living room, your pet is sure to be a well loved and essential part of the family that no one would be happy to see leaving home on attaining maturity (which may or may not be the case with the kids). So what happens when you find yourself facing a bout of allergies, and the finger seems to point in the direction of your four legged friend?

Recent advances in the science of allergies and symptoms have suggested that cats and dogs are frequently linked to cases of allergies, as we increasingly easily succumb to the problem due to changes in diet and environmental pollution.

Asthma and pet allergies

People who have had asthmatic bronchitis as children in a household with pets, especially a cat, are at a high risk of developing symptoms towards cats as they get older. Pets are very important in modern life. When moving house or flat, the chances of the former owners having had a pet are high. It may take months, and in modern insulated flat years, before the level of allergens are so low that an allergic reaction is not a possibility.

Which part of your pet irritates you?

The proteins from the hair, saliva or urine of household pets cause an symptom that attacks the eyes and the airways, like hay fever, and can result in asthmatic symptoms. It may also cause a nettle rash. It is often difficult to avoid the allergens that can come from other people’s pets or be transported by people who have been in contact with animals. School classes can be overloaded with pet allergens.

Other irritations could be to blame

So if you experience any of the symptoms of classic pet

target="_blank">allergies, you should not panic. Double-check with your medical practitioner if your allergies are definitely animal-related. Some allergies have uncertain causes and originals and may be caused by inanimate matter such as pollen, chemical sprays or dust. If pet allergies are suspected, the new house owner should try to stay away from home for a fortnight to see whether the symptoms disappear. A doctor or specialist could be asked to conduct an test to confirm the diagnosis.Your may simply mean the removal of one or more of some substance from your living place. Of course, it can be hard to locate a particular causal factor. But you don’t need to rush to conclusions that moggy is to blame.

Move your pet from central spaces

Assess the severity of your allergy symptoms before making any radical changes to your lifestyle or household arrangements. If you are dealing with a mild case of an allergy, and you have ascertained that an animal factor is involved, you may only have to make small changes to your relationship with your pet as an treatment. As a concession to your allergy, move his basket or milk bowl to an outhouse or less frequently used part of the house, and ask your obedient offspring to make more efforts to look after your family pet.

Try fish!

As a preventative allergy treatment, you should consider the benefits of pets that are least likely to give you symptoms, such as turtles and fish. Most often the allergies are from cats or dogs, but rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet birds, horses, cows or poultry can be involved. If you insist on furry creatures as companions you may be in for a spot of bother. As an treatment, try to follow the following advice to avoid the worse of the allergies they can cause. Dogs and cats should be bathed at least once a month in plain water. Remember to dry the animals properly afterwards. It has been proved that a monthly ‘cat wash’ lowers the level of allergens in the house. An treatment could just mean keeping your animals out of bedrooms and public rooms. It would be preferable to keep them outside of the house. Every time you touch a pet, wash your hands thoroughly. Rabbits and guinea pigs do not produce so much hair but their urine may cause trouble. They had best live outside the house and be primarily cared for by a household member without allergies. Your treatment can be put into effect without banishing your beloved pet.

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