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How To Own A Cat If I Am Allergic To Cats?
Although pet cats are becoming more and more common, and those who do not own one do not usually resist to pet or stroke them when one approaches them, there are people out there who keep their distance from these felines, and not because they dislike them, but they have allergies!!

For true cat lovers, it is very hard to overcome this issue, for they cannot enjoy the perks of owning a pet cat due to reactions and the complications that come with it, especially if the cat itself is the trigger.

As strange as it is, there are more people allergic to cats than there are to dogs. Cat allergies are not to be taken lightly, especially with children with breathing problems such as asthma, or other related issues for exposing them to cats may worsen the situation. For some people, having a cat nearby without actual contact may even cause serious reactions and other problems.

The biggest misconception is that the catís fur causes the reaction. The truth is, this substance

called Fel D1 that is found in a catís saliva is the culprit that causes the allergy. It gets onto the catís fur when it licks itself clean. From there, it may get blown or carried by air or other medium into the surroundings, and any unfortunate person with cat allergies would react when breathing nearby a cat. As the substance is airborne, one do not have to be too near the cat to get a reaction. Therefore, when a cat comes within distance, one would start to sneeze or cough and so on.

Hairless cats prove to be just as hazardous as furry cats. Even if your catís hair is shaved, or has naturally short fur, it does not mean that it wonít cause attacks, as aforementioned, the substance that causes reactions are contained in the catís saliva, not the fur, and it is natural for a cat to lick itself clean.

There are determined cat lovers who do own pet cats despite their issues. If you are a true cat lover and would really want to own a cat, check with your doctor or find an allergist nearby who can help you control your allergies. This way, you can enjoy having an adorable pet cat around the house, with less reactions.

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