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Historal--natural Allergy Relief Supplement
By Amanda Jones, LVT

With all the medications on the market these days it can be hard to imagine why anyone would want to take an relief supplement. Drug companies come up with clever marketing campaigns that make it seem like if you take their products you’ll never have symptoms again.

While prescription medications often work for some people, they may only work for a short time and often come with a long list of side effects. In addition, it can often be difficult to totally avoid the sources that trigger your symptoms. People allergic to pet dander have cats and dogs that are considered members of the family, and children with hay fever love to play outside when the pollen count is at its highest.

A recent study showed that 31% of patients are unsatisfied with their current medication. The majority of those interviewed for the study stated that while their medication seemed to work, they didn’t like how the medication interfered with their daily life and mental functioning. In other words—their medication made them feel just a little too wacky.

So What Makes Historal Different?

Historal is a supplement developed specifically with allergy-sufferers in mind. Allergies occur as an abnormal response of the immune system. The theory is, if you strengthen your immune system with the proper mixture of substances, you’ll keep your allergic reactions under control.

The makers of Historal believe that by targeting the problem at the source, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is reduced. This is unlike many medications that only treat symptoms.

Historal works to support your immunity by providing your body with the essential nutrients that it needs to fight an allergic reaction. Unlike conventional nutritional supplements, Historal is formulated specifically for sufferers. While you could probably figure out a list of supplements to take for yourself, the makers of Historal are quick to point out that their product takes all the guesswork out of nutrition.

Is a Supplement All You Really Need?

Can a nutritional supplement really be the answer to all your problems? It’s hard to say—each person is unique. But most doctors agree that just as a poor diet sets you up for other chronic diseases, it also increases your chances of developing allergies. The makers of Historal state that their product can be taken alone or in conjunction with other medications if you want to make a gradual transition to the product.

Historal may or may not be the solution to your all your problems. But if you’re tired of being tired from your regular medication, it may be worth a try.

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Amanda Jones is a licensed veterinary technician and an avid researcher of human relief products including historal. She runs a successful website dedicated to debunking various allergy relief products for the benefit of the consumer. Amanda hopes she can decrease the number of pets who need to find new homes by educating pet owners on how they can control their allergies. For great free relief tips, discount offers and more, visit Amanda's website at

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